Let Belinstein Jewelers make the milestones in your life even more meaningful with an engraving that’s significant to you. You can engrave your wedding rings, watches and other precious keepsakes at any time.

You may choose to go with a traditional inscription of your names and important dates, or you can be more creative and choose a special phrase significant to you.

Custom Engraving

Belinstein Jewelers provides our clients with several options of Custom Engraving. These include the use of a computerized engraving machine and Boris’s refined skill of hand engraving.

Belinstein Jewelers use computerized engraving to make inscriptions on awards, trophies, plaques corporate gifts and various souvenirs.

Computerized engraving may not be suitable for some items. Factors such as size and durability of the item will determine which method of engraving is appropriate. In such cases Boris can advise you on alternative options such as hand engraving. For more information, please visit the “quotations” page.

Boris is a highly skilled hand engraver who can put your inscription into any style and add some intricate symbols. He uses a hardened steel tool to cut the design into the surface of the jewelery.